We welcome essays to the Anthology of the Meeting with extension of 10-40 pages
You may consider the following issues:
  • Pedagogy
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Clinicum
  • Minorities
  • Religions
About the Anthology written in 2009.
The reader keeps a textbook in his hands; a textbook in the strict sense of the word. The collection of pieces of writings that were written or revived for the occasion of the person-centred “Cross Cultural Communication” organised in Szeged, 2009. Their aim was for the thematic discussions and debates be more matterful and goal-orientated. For that very reason, they are of slightly occurent or unsteady quality; though they may reflect in the reality of the person-centred approach in our country in this way. (Two essays, at the end of the anthology, let the reader to gain an insight of what the foreigner representatives of the given branch dealt with.) 
The essays regard essential questions of life and death. Since there are a load of educationalists at the meeting, it is unquestionable that the anthology presents, with suitable measure, the need and facilities of educational-centred schools. However, syllabus of the anthology implies the redundant variegation tightened among the mysteries of “child-bearing and birth” as well as the exceedingly “substantial final moments of one’s life” – the question of affection and justice, and possibilities to solve conflicts etc. - proving that the person-centred approach has something to say for those who take the ‘say’ seriously.
One my life, one my death, I’ll find my happiness at least.
Klein Sándor