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What do we call a workshop?
The workshop is a one and a half hour long seminar-style event, which will be held at the same time every day. There will be many workshops at the same time in different rooms discussing different topics. You can sign up for these prior on the spot.Each workshop will be repeated at least twice on two different days.During the workshop its leader presents a topic which will be discussed by the group together. The workshop can be practical as well - for example art-therapy. There is no facilitator in the workshops, as its participants can change each day. Its composition is ad hoc, depends on who signed up for that prior, and it regards only for that one and half hour long period.Each participant has the opportunity to hold workshops. If you intent to create one please let us know on your application form and please attach an abstract of your topic no longer than half a page until the 31st of May on the following e-mail address: