What does ’facilitator’ mean?
Generally speaking, a facilitator is a person, who stimulates the group processes, who helps the group members cooperate in order to achieve their common objectives. The facilitator of the person-centered encounter-group trusts the group processes as they are formed by the group members in the HERE and NOW, and helps without structuring and directing them. All the group facilitators aspire to quicken and stimulate the group processes during getting to know other participants so a safe environment could develop. At the end of the week-long workshop the facilitators help the groups to smooth the possibly raised conflicts and to take the newly gained experiences to the outside world to make use of in the future.
If you wish to be a facilitator, please let us know your intention on your application form in the specified field.
Facilitator can be everyone who already have experiences in being one, or those who can turn in a cover letter and prove their suitability with detailing their previous experiences.