15-21th of July, 2013. Pécs, Hungary



Dear Friends, 
Viki: – I’m writing to you from the train, on my way to home. It’s such a strange feeling to be out of the bubble that I’ve felt around me during the workshop. I see people around me, I imagine their stories and I’m curious about them. And at the same time my words get entangled and I am unable to speak. I have experienced so many feelings during the past week… They overflow me and they levitate around me, like a cloud. I think about the group with love – about the large and the small group. About you. We go our separate ways, back to our lives, but our memories bind us together.
David: – I’ve mowed the yard. Tidied up my desk and have called a few people to whom I haven’t spoken for ages… I can feel that I say no more easily and yes more readily. I might even pay more attention to others. And I owe this to you. And of course, there are things that fall back, into past tense: I talk about the adventures that we have experienced enthusiastically, but as a memory and I can see that my audience is puzzled a little, surprised and curious. They can see that something significant has happened to me. The things that we have experienced together, what we have created – what we could share with each other and the things that we could not share, but the others have accepted us anyway – our wee, our great adventure: it is important. Maybe there will be some amongst them who will join us in 2015. And then we can start arguing about concentric circles again…
Sandor: The world is full of opposites: the rich and the poor, the left and the right, Hungarians and the Piréz people…
If we go against one another, it may seem like one side wins the fight, but in reality we all become losers.  In July 2013 we met each other again for a seven day group session – an encounter. We did this to talk about what we think and express what we feel. To discuss matters that concern all of us as well as matters that we think no one else should know anything about. To honestly be ourselves, and to practice accepting diversity and paying attention to each other with understanding.
Carl Rogers wrote in his book ”On encounter groups”: 
But what is the psychological need that draws people into encounter groups? I believe it is a hunger for something the person does not find in his work environment, in his church, certainly not in his school or college, and sadly enough, not even in modern family life. It is a hunger for relationships which are close and real; in which feelings and emotions can be spontaneously expressed without first being carefully censored or bottled up; where deep experiences - disappointments and joys - can be shared; where new ways of behaving can be risked and tied out; where, in a word, he approaches the state where all is known and all accepted and thus further growth becomes possible. This seems to be the overpowering hunger which he hopes to satisfy through his experiences in an encounter group.
I hope that all of you have taken away from this encounter perhaps not what you have wished for, but rather what you needed the most. 
Thank you very much for the time that we have spent together! See you again in 2015!
Viktoria Komjáti, David Klein, Sandor Klein
Technical stuff
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