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Friday, 2013, September 27 - 14:07 -

We made many friends, who we hope to keep in contact with, and I would encourage anyone who is interested in encounter to think seriously about attending the next CCCW, in 2015. We’d like to be there too! (...)

Monday, 2013, April 22 - 11:49 -

The process that started in Szeged inspired me so much, that in autumn 2010 I started a person-centered psychotherapist and counsellor training course which I have already completed by now, and decided to dedicate the second half of my life to helping people in a person-centered way. (...)

Monday, 2013, April 22 - 11:45 -

You always learn something new. You just can’t stop...Ever since I have children I learn the most from them. My son, Ábel, is in seventh grade and he goes to Rogers School since September. It’s a great change in his life. (...)

Monday, 2013, April 22 - 11:42 -

If someone asks what we do, I can barely give an answer…This Encounter is not a conference. Nor a therapy, and I wouldn’t call it a festival either. A lot of people gather at one place and talk all day without frames and limits through a week… (...)

Monday, 2013, April 22 - 11:40 -

Being in the group was just an unexplainable experience for me: I recieved love and acceptance from people I hadn’t met before. I would have never thought, that I could feel so free to hug anyone and let others get closer to me. (...)