NGOs, foundations

Human society is not homogenous. Necessarily, there are majority and minority phenomena: we are of all kinds. Helpers’, NGOs’ job is to monitor and facilitate that different people, target groups (animals, nature) get along, to guarantee free practice of their rights, or help them overcome the conditions hindering that. This is a huge challenge in both democratic and non-democratic countries: to work constantly for the people, the good purpose, and directing the majority’s easily distracted attention to the minority’s difficulties. We fight for great goals, and sometimes get lost in generalities.

Intolerance makes peaceful coexistence difficult, but such is human nature. We should recognize mistakes and strengths not only in society, but also in ourselves. We should take steps in our close proximity towards acceptance, empathy, because we believe that even one man is capable of having a great effect on the world.

The person-centered approach of Carl Rogers represents that everyone is equal, and if people meet as equal, that brings out their positive energies, fosters self-knowledge, self-actualization, and unfolds creativity. Acquiring, practicing this perspective makes empathic, congruent behavior easier, since authenticity holds the greatest convincing power.

In the workshop we allow NGOs to present themselves in the form of topic groups. They get the chance to introduce themselves in an extraordinary way, without fancy and rules, focusing on what matters. From the participants they can get honest and humane feedback on their work, they can recruit supporters and volunteers, broaden their network, since the audience will be more responsive to their work than usual.

In the workshop the leaders and associates of the NGO can tell their daily personal difficulties to understanding ears, they can find friends and fellows, get help and attention from the group, just like every participant.