Workshop fee
Full Workshop fee: EUR 180 / HUF 50 000
Teachers / social workers: EUR 110 / HUF 30 000
Full time students: EUR 55 / HUF 15 000
Senior: EUR 55 / HUF 15 000
If you apply as a student or teacher, please send us a certificate about your student / teacher status!
Group discount
5-8 people: -25%
9-14 people: -35%
Over 15 people: -50 % discount.
In order to get group discount all you need is to apply, on the same day and also you have to transfer the money at once. We fill in a receipt with the received amount to your requested address. You can get group discount even if you got other discounts too (for example student/teacher discounts). The composition of the group can change so the participation fee is freely negotiable, however, we require you tol et us know the change ont he following e-mail address:
Lodging and food offers are not compulsory, every participant can decide do manage individually.

Workshop fee should be sent by bank transfer to

(Please do not transfer the accommodation fee!)







EDGE 2000 Kft.

Somogyvári u. 30.


2030 Hungary


Bank: Erste Bank, Hungary, Budapest


Attention! The registration fee includes the cost of the one-week program, buti t does not include meals and accommodation! We collect information about accommodation and meal requirements ont he registration form, but these cost will have to be paid upon arrival. If you have any specific requirements, please le tus know. Int he event of cancellation we retain 50% of the registration fee as a handling fee. We cannot refund registration fees after July 7, 2017.


Registration form


The neighbouring hall of residence (Szántó Kollégium) provides accommodation services during the event. The hall of residence consists of blocks; one block includes two double rooms, a kitchen, and bathroom. Each room is accessible.

The accommodation fee may only be paid during registration at our venue.

Double room - 3080 HUF/person/night

Single room - 6160 HUF/night

Please indicate your accomodation needs on the registration form. Pictures of the rooms:


We welcome all participants to our opening ceremony held on Monday in the neighbouring Laterum Restaurant, only at a five minutes walk distance from the venue. Buffet reception included at no extra cost! For organizational purposes please inform us about your decision to participate below.

Lunch will be also be available in Laterum Restaurant during the course of the week. We cater to special dietary requirements.

Meal tickets for each individual days are available for purchase and pickup during the registration only. Meal and dietary requirements noted on the registration form may be modified until the 14th of July.

Prices are for reference only.

Further information about the menu may be requested at

Lunch - 950 HUF/person

Dinner - 950 HUF/person

Child care

During the vocational programs of our event, temporary child care will be provided, overseen by the volunteers of Rogers Foundation for Person-Centered Education. Admission and child care services are free of charge.  

Programme Descriptions

What is the big group like?

One of the main elements of the CCC is the big group. All the participants meet each morning for two hours. They sit down in a big circle, and whatever they want happens: no frames, no expectations.

There is not necessarily an assigned facilitator – the group will decide on the spot. The most exquisite feature of the big group, that possibly there are no other opportunities to experience it in this person-centered, non-framed form, only in a get-together, like the CCC.

What is the small group like?

The other substantial part of  the CCC is the small group. The participants sing up on the first day into a group of a facilitator (or facilitator-pair). This happens on Monday or Tuesday morning, the list of facilitators is revealed then. Groups consist of around 15 members. They are closed for the whole week. There are two two-hour long sessions each day. It is entirely up to the participants what would happen. No topic is given, no frames, no expectations. Usually really intense self-knowledge and social processes take place.

What is the theme-group like?

It is a 90 minutes long, seminar-like event, which takes each day the same time slot. There are multiple theme-groups at the same time in different rooms. They are also to be enrolled on the spot. Printed description and schedule will be available during registration. Most groups are held at least on two different days. The leader presents a topic, after which they discuss it together with the group. Theme-groups might be of practical kind (such as art therapy).

All participants have the opportunity to lead a theme-group. The intent is to be indicated on the registration form, or until 31th of May by sending an email to Please attach a half-page abstract. There is no facilitator, the composition of the group is not permanent, only for that 90 minutes, for those, who signed up.