Welcome to the homepage of the Cross Cultural Conference of 2017, the International Person-Centered Get-together

The outstanding american humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers was the most influential character in the person-centered approach. This approach has greatly effected the helping professionals, treatment of the mentally ill, the practise of pedagogy, the concepts of effective leadership style, the doctor-patient relationship, and the life of the individual. 
With the contribution of Carl Rogers and his associates two one-week long person-centered conference took place in 1984 and 1986, with smashing success. The conference in 2009, held to celebrate the 25th anniversary, turned out to spawn a tradition.
The workshops primarily give the opportunity for experiental learning with the aid of local and international facilitators. There’s a lot to learn from books about the approach, but to “obtain” it you need to get own-experience. There is an extraordinary chance to acquire this own-experience once in every two years.
One speciality of the person-centered groups are that they meet with minimal frames and with maximal freedom: through recognising, admitting and showing their doubts, fears and feelings. Instead of “leaders”, there are facilitators, who are also equivalent participants,  to foster the group process. These intense group experiences help us to get closer to ourselves and to each other, to spot the similar in the other, but also learn how to not-agree in peace. Alongside the self-knowledge experience in the freely evolving small and big groups also theme groups are available. We work with topics such as the roots of the tensions in society, issues connected to the work of the helping professionals, searching of the path of the individual.
All participants may apply for being a facilitator and also a theme-group leader.