Finding and standing up for ourselves is a huge challenge for each of us, and whoever gets there is lucky. Who am I? How am I? Where is my place in the world? What is my job? How can I truly be myself? How can I accept the other person unconditionally, just as they are? We are forever looking for the answers to these questions: finding my own answers are steps to a more complete and valuable life…

Everyone has their own cross, they say. The difficulties of our own lives are the worst when we are alone with them.

If we feel stuck, bump into walls repeatedly, cannot move forward, and do not get proper help – may it be unprocessed childhood experiences, relationships that went downhill, depressing family or work conditions, frustrations from having too much or too little choices, the point can come in our lives when we don’t know how to go on. When the decision is too huge to be made, changing would be too scary, or we simply have no idea where the solution lies, since we don’t see further than our nose. 


The small group experiences are specifically about this: the uniquely formed, infinitely honest and accepting atmosphere brings out certain life stories, and even the ones with the least courage get to the point where they share their thoughts with the group. The honest caring of the members, similarities and differences in life stories and people, such deep levels of honesty that they have never experienced before start processes that can tip out anyone from their emotional stalemate. Heuristic realizations are not uncommon, emotional catharses accompany the group’s progression, and no one gets in the way of expressing feelings, either positive or negative. 

Of course, we don’t have the magic recipe for every problem, because that does not exist. No one can solve another’s problem, we do not declare either that everyone will go back home in unclouded happiness. Deep pains might come up, wounds can be torn open, but just as well we can find friends and solutions during the time of the workshop. No one knows what will happen to us, but it is much likely that if we arrive to the workshop prepared and with an open heart, our souls will not remain untouched…

We recommend to seekers our Guestbook where participants of the previous workshops share with us their thoughts following the workshop, as a message to those who are interested, but hesitate. The texts you find here speak for themselves.