If you want us to organize meals for you

  • You can choose and pay for your meal here until August 2, 2024.
  • ONLY order a meal if you have already paid the participation fee for the meeting! (You have registered.)
  • There is a one-time fee of HUF 500 for reorganizing the meals, which you can pay after adding the item below to your cart.
  • Place the lunch/dinner selected for each day in the basket, then pay for them by bank transfer or bank card.
  • Pécs, you will receive your meal tickets during registration. Don’t lose them, because we can’t replace them!
  • We are no longer able to provide meals on-site. (We only organize meals for those who have selected and paid for their meals in advance – here on the website – during the specified period.

On the day of the opening – Monday – we will not be served dinner in the Laterum Hotel Restaurant.

Location of meals: Laterum Restaurant, located 5 minutes from the university

Cauldron Party

On Thursday, according to tradition, there will be no dinner at the Laterum.

Instead, we’ll meet at Pollack Beach for a wild night of campfire, cauldron cooking, and pool party!

Address: 7624 Pécs, Damjanich u. 42.

Access: by bus and on foot approx. half an hour, 10 minutes by car.

By bus: take 23Y for 4 stops (from the Nendtvich A. stop to the Zsolnay statue stop), then change to 34Y (5 stops; from the Zsolnay statue to Jurusics Miklós út). The beach is about an 8-minute walk from here.

Bring a bathing suit, blanket, mosquito repellent! Anyone who wants to enter the pool must pay an entrance fee of HUF 500 on-site.

To maintain our good relationship with the place, please eat something in the buffet if possible!

Tuesday LUNCH

Soup: Broccoli Cream Soup / Fruit Soup

Tuesday DINNER

Desert: Kirsch cube

Wednesday LUNCH

Soup: Creamed celery soup / Fruit soup

Wednesday DINNER

Desert: Tiramisu

Thursday LUNCH

Soup: Beef meat soup with home made dumplings / Fruit soup

Thursday LUNCH

No lunch in Laterum on Thursday! Join us at the Cauldron Party at Pollac Beach!

Friday LUNCH

Soup: Jókai Hungarian stew with beans / Fruit soup


Desert: Chestnut tunnel

Saturday LUNCH

Soup: Kohlrabi soup / Fruit Soup

Saturday DINNER

Desert: Chocolet cube