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Welcome to the 2019 Cross Cultural Communication, the international person-centered workshop’s webpage!

July 22-28, 2019

Roots of the person-centered approach

The person-centered approach – which is mostly known by the outstanding American humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers – has had great effect on the helping professionals worldwide, the method how mental patients are healed, practice of pedagogy, ideas about effective leadership style, patient-doctor relationship, and the life of the individual.

At 1984 and 1986 a one-week long person-centered workshop took place with roaring success, with the assistance of Carl Rogers and his coworkers. The event organised for the occasion of 25th anniversary created a tradition.

With the help of the hungarian and of other nationalities facilitators create an opportunity first of all practical learning. A lot of there to learn from books about the person-centered approach, but to truly master it, you need personal experience. There is an unique chance to acquire such a personal experience.

What is a person-centered group?

One of the main characteristic of the person-centered groups that the members meet between minimal frames, quite freely: through showing their doubts, fears, recognising, admitting and expressing their emotions. There are no “leaders”, but facilitators, who stimulate the group process, but also they are also participants. These intensive group experiences help us to get closer to ourselves and to each other, to recognise the similar in the other, but to learn to disagree in peace.

Besides the freely unfolding small and big group self-knowledge experiences there are so-called theme-groups, that we use to work on the root societal tension, the challenges of the helping professionals, the path-finding of the individual.

All participants may apply as facilitator or theme-group leader.

July 22-28, 2019


Participation fees

ATTENTION! The fee includes the costs of the programs, but not the food and the accommodation. Please indicate on the registration form, if you need any of these, but you must pay individually to the service provider on site.

Please transfer only the participation fee and the message should be like this: Own name, CCC

There is a 50% handling fee in case of cancellation. The participation fee is transferable. Fees paid after July the 15th we unfortunately cannot pay back.

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July 22-28, 2019



Just next to the programme there is the Szántó Dormitory. It is block-style, 2 2-bedded bedroom, a kitchen, a restroom belongs to one. The rooms are wheelchair-accessible. The fees may vary. It is possible to pay only upon arrival. Your demands according to the accommodation is to be indicated on the registration form.

July 22-28, 2019



On Monday we cordially invite all participants a grand opening which include a buffay. It will be at the Laterum Restaurant, 5 minutes from the event, with no extra cost. To help us ordering please indicate if you wish to participate.

During the week the lunch will be at the same place. We accept special meal claims too.

The meal tickets are only available during the registration at the venue. Changing the special needs indicated on the application form are changeable until July the 15th.

Information about the menu is available at info@edge2000.hu

July 22-28, 2019



24. 07. 2019, 7 pm

The piece is about the life of the poor families living in the small villages of Hungary. They live on the doe, and occasional and blackleg working. This is how our players needs to make ends meet somehow. In the reality of the game each person will be really poor for a few hours and going to feel how is it to be in their shoes, and the pressure of being an outcast. The emotional energy will be used to make the opportunity for the participants to experience the tension of sheer day-to-day survival without money, work or other resources.

The residents of the village – played by the participants – get to make decisions. Do they want to become a blackleg worker, would they pay the light bill, would they turn to a loan-shark for money? When a player faces the limited alternatives that the poor have, what social aid is enough for, then they have a chance to turn to solidarity instead of intolerance.

The groups are 10 to 15 people, they represent families of four and they have to survive with these resources for a month. They step on a board, that shows the days of the month, while the actors play the significant villagers: the loan-shark, the policeman, the mayor, who directly speak to the viewers. They have to make decisions on their spendings and incomes, but of course sometimes chance comes into play – just as in real life…

SOCIOPOLY is produced by Mentőcsónak Egység and Gyereksegély Egyesület in 2014, directed by Gábor Fábián. In 2016 it won the Üveghegy prize for the best performance on the VIII. Kaposvári ASSITEJ Nemzetközi Biennálé. We play SOCIOPOLY for adult audience too, also for 17-18 years old students in classroom theatre setting.

More information: http://www.szociopoly.hu
The time of the performance: 24. 07. 2019, 7 pm
Participation fee: 2000 HUF/person, which you can pay on the spot by cash
Important: The maximum limit is 55 people, we offer places in the order of application.


We provide child care services during the professional programmes (big groups, small groups, theme groups), in case at least 5 person indicate that they need it. It will be of no extra cost.

July 22-28, 2019