Those of us, who participate as facilitators aim to be present in the groups for a whole week, four hours every day, turning our full attention toward the group and by our empathic, accepting, and congruent presence try to help group members in encountering themselves and each other.

Facilitators of the small groups (individuals or pairs) will be clearly announced.

My very first experience as a participant in Szeged in 2009 was life-changing for me. Despite all our differences, I had never before felt so much acceptance nor witnessed such honest and open communication among people getting to know one another. From that time I became committed to C.C.C. I am happy to play a part in both the behind-the-scenes work building up to the start and during the event as a facilitator. I am genuinely excited to be serving as a “midwife” in the birth of something new. It is my intention to hold the space for myself and others meanwhile I trust the process.

Mary Radvánszki