Those of us, who participate as facilitators aim to be present in the groups for a whole week, four hours every day, turning our full attention toward the group and by our empathic, accepting, and congruent presence try to help group members in encountering themselves and each other.

Facilitators of the small groups (individuals or pairs) will be clearly announced.

If you want to be a facilitator you should consider that it means that you are ready to be present in a small (10-15 members) group for a whole week, four hours every day, turning your full attention toward the group and by your empathic, accepting, and congruent presence helping group members in encountering themselves and each other.

Facilitators at the 2023 Workshop

At the beginning of group sessions, this is about what I feel: ‘I have no idea what is going to happen, but I think what will happen will be good.’

Carl R. Rogers’s words sum up precisely how I relate to encounter groups.

Magdolna Bálint

I am a psychologist following a person-centered approach, and I have been working with encounter groups for decades.

I hope we will be able to encounter each other at deep and personal level during our week together.

Magda Draskóczy

Person-centered counsellor

Mental health expert

Mediator, actor, and director (RS9 Theatre)

Individual and group therapist

Pair and family therapist studies 

Working for Nap kör Mentálhigiénés Alapítvány

Under the supervision of Dr. Ratkóczi Éva 

 specialized in borderline clients using Marsha Linehan’s method and of course Rogers’s method as a basic attitude

Katalin Laban

I have been participating in CCC each & every summer for 10 years in Pécs as a co-facilitator since I became a PCA counselor in 2013. I can’t get bored of it ! The fascinatingly wide range of differences in us make me feel astonished whenever we are together. I regularly come to Pécs without having any clue what the outcome would be and I haven’t got any expectations either. However, so far I have always left with a much more expanded and a more lovable inner world than I could have foreseen.

Probably that is why I am able to trust the process the whole time.

Mary Radvánszki

Forty years ago I attended a three-year training In PCA and it had a great effect on my life. I left my job at the Technical University of Budapest and concentrated my efforts to humanize teacher training in Szeged. In 1984 and in 1986, I invited Carl Rogers and his coworkers to the first Hungarian Cross-Cultural Communication workshops. We try to revive the spirit of these each summer since 2009. I believe that congruence, unconditional positive regard, and empathy – if they are realized as a “way of being” – improve the quality of life in families, schools, and the workplace.

Sándor Klein

Helper – this is how I like to define myself the most. Perhaps if I were to refine it even more, I would say: I’m a person-centered helper/counselor. This is the biggest part of my professional identity. I am also a psychologist, working with adults in my private practice. I have been attending encounter groups since 2010. Since that time I’m present. Let’s see each other this year too, let’s encounter.

Angelika Kiss

I work as a person-centred psychotherapist with individuals, couples, and groups for more than ten years now, in my private practice in Bucharest, Romania.

The Encounter Group it is an extraordinary resource for anyone and one of the most important tools of the Person Centred Approach.
For me the Encounter Group and especially facilitating, challenges and helps me with my personal and professional development.

I like meeting others in their fullness and I enjoy being together.

Paul Diaconescu

Angoltanár, személyközpontú tanácsadó, encounter-csoport facilitátor és jógaoktató vagyok. 2009-ben a szegedi CCC-n lettem encounter-rajongó, de történetem a személyközpontúságban több mint 30 évvel ezelőtt kezdődött, amikor elkezdtem az angoltanár képzésemet. 2009 óta közel 3000 órát töltöttem kisebb nagyobb, facilitált és kinevezett facilitátor nélküli csoportokban, résztvevőként és facilitátorként, Magyarországon és külföldön is.

Ágnes Bánátiné Tóth

First, it was my curiosity that took me to CCC in 2011. I immediately fell in love with this liberated forum of openness and friendship, and I have become a regular participant ever since. I have been present in it for many years as an organizer, and a few years as a facilitator, and I can say without exaggeration that it has changed my life. On the one hand, I found new friends, and on the other hand, I met the people for whom I completed the person-centered counseling training, which completely changed my relationship with my clients and my counseling work.

Péter Rigó

Someone once described what it’s like for them to be in a group with me, and I think as a facilitator this is probably the most authentic introduction: ‘What I like about Gina is that she leaves nothing under the carpet. She says what IS GOING ON, even if it’s difficult or confrontational, which always helps me to understand what’s happening and to move things forward. At the same time, I feel safe with her because she does it all with sensitivity and acceptance.” And whether this is true or not is for everyone to decide.

Georgina Szabó