Cross Cultural Communication

International Person-centered Workshop


August 16 – 22, 2021

Roots of the person-centered approach

The person-centered approach – which is mostly known by the outstanding American humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers – has had great effect on the helping professionals worldwide, the method how mental patients are healed, practice of pedagogy, ideas about effective leadership style, patient-doctor relationship, and the life of the individual.

At 1984 and 1986 a one-week long person-centered workshop took place with roaring success, with the assistance of Carl Rogers and his coworkers. The event organised for the occasion of 25th anniversary created a tradition.

With the help of the hungarian and of other nationalities facilitators create an opportunity first of all practical learning. A lot of there to learn from books about the person-centered approach, but to truly master it, you need personal experience. There is an unique chance to acquire such a personal experience.

What is a person-centered group?

One of the main characteristic of the person-centered groups that the members meet between minimal frames, quite freely: through showing their doubts, fears, recognising, admitting and expressing their emotions. There are no “leaders”, but facilitators, who stimulate the group process, but also they are also participants. These intensive group experiences help us to get closer to ourselves and to each other, to recognise the similar in the other, but to learn to disagree in peace.

Besides the freely unfolding small and big group self-knowledge experiences there are so-called theme-groups, that we use to work on the root societal tension, the challenges of the helping professionals, the path-finding of the individual.

All participants may apply as facilitator or theme-group leader.


Those of us, who participate as facilitators aim to be present in the groups for a whole week, four hours every day, turning our full attention toward the group and by our empathic, accepting, and congruent presence try to help group members in encountering themselves and each other.

Facilitators of the small groups (individuals or pairs) will be clearly announced.

Let us take care of ourselves and each other!

Being present intensely and for an extended period in the atmosphere of the person-centred small and large groups can almost lead to an altered state of consciousness. Congruent empathy and positive regard, which we might experience in the group, may make us more open, more sensitive, more vulnerable: our usual self-defense mechanisms, even self-control may fade. When we step out of the group, it is good to be aware of this effect and take it into consideration when we relate to ourselves and our fellow group members.

16-22 August, 2021

To participate, you must REGISTER and PAY!

Participation fee

To pay chose the appropriate price category (full or discounted), put it into your Shopping Cart, and proceed to Checkout.

Name of PeriodUntilFull PriceDiscounted Price
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In case you wish to pay cash at the venue, we charge you an additional HUF 2500 handling fee.

Early Bird
until the 1st of May 2021


In case you wish to pay cash at the venue, we charge you an additional HUF 2500 handling fee.

To participate, you must fill out the Registration Form and pay the Registration Fee. (You can do both here, at this web page.)

You can pay here, at this web site using your bank card or by wire transfer. (For further information, put the appropriate registration fee into your cart and proceed to check-out.)

ATTENTION! The fee includes the costs of the programs, but not the food and the accommodation. Please indicate on the registration form, if you need any of these, but you must pay individually to the service provider on site.

In case of cancellation, we retain 50% of the registration fee.

After the 2nd of August in case of a cancellation, we do not refund your registration fee.

If the event is cancelled by the organizer due to reasons beyond the control of the organizer (vis major situations, for example, pandemic), we refund your participation fee after the deduction of a 5% handling fee.

Prices include VAT.

Participation fees can be transferred in certain cases. If you wish to transfer your registration fee, please contact the organizers. However, you will have to find a new participant for your registration.

Please only transfer the registration fee (do not add accommodation or meals) and note your name and “CCC“.

16-22 August, 2021

To participate, you must REGISTER and PAY!


At this point we know little about our possibilities regarding accommodation but again, we will help to reserve accommodation for those wishing to stay at a dormitory.

The information below is about last year’s accommodation and ONLY INTENDED to give you some general idea about the type dormitory accommodation we can help you to arrange. It is possible that we will find another dormitory this year with slightly different parameters.

The Szalay László dormitory is located 4 kms from our venue. It is divided into blocks. One block contains two double bedrooms, a shared kitchen, bathroom and toilet. It has basic facilities: fresh lining for the beds, liquid soap, toilet paper and WIFI access (ask for it at the reception).

You must bring your own towels and – if you wish so – pots and other utensils for cooking, etc.

The dormitory does not provide meals.

You can check out some pictures of the dormitory HERE.

You can only pay for the reserved dormitory accommodation at our venue, during registration, in cash. (Please, bring change, if possible!)

Each night there we can gather socialize at dormitory’s yard. Please note: there are no benches there, so bring blankets, mattress, etc. to sit on.

Since the dormitory is a little bit away from our venue, it might be a good idea to bring a bike (there is limited storage facility at the dormitory for about 10-15 bikes), organize shared rides, etc.

It takes about 30 minutes to get to the venue by public transportation. Check out the map HERE.

16-22 August, 2021

To participate, you must REGISTER and PAY!


You can buy meals – lunch and dinner – from the Laterum Restaurant at the price of HUF 1200 / meal. (You can only pay for this during registration.)

You can ask for vegetarian and vegan meals too. They can not provide paleo meals. If you have some food allergies, they can prepare á la carte meals, which you must pay at the restaurant individually.

Weekly menu

Lunch A
Lunch B
Dinner ACauldron party
(NO Dinner at restaurant)
Dinner B

16-22 August, 2021

To participate, you must REGISTER and PAY!

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

If I cancel my participation, how much of the participation fee will I get back?

In case of cancellation, we retain 50% of the registration fee. But: the right to participate can be transferred. After the 2nd of August, we do not refund the participation fee.

Can I pay the registration fee at the venue upon arrival?

You have to pay the registration fee in advance. However, if, for any reason you pay at the registration upon arrival you will be charged an additional fee of HUF 2500 (EUR 7).

Can I transfer my registration to someone else?

In most cases, yes! Contact the organizers! You will have to find someone instead of yourself, but we will try our best to help.

Will there be daycare service for children?

We do not know yet… If many of you will say that participation is only possible for you if there will be a daycare for children, we will start working on it.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fee gives you the right to participate in the programs (according to rules and guidelines) but it DOES NOT INCLUDE the accommodation and meals! At the registration form we collect information about your meals and accommodation requirements. This cost you will have to pay at the registration desk upon arrival.

Can I just come for a few days?

Yes, you can!

However, usually we do not recommend this. You can easily end up with a process lacking closure or face difficulties trying to integrate into an already ongoing one.

Can I bring a dog?

Unfortunately neither the dormitory, nor the diner or the university allows dogs / pets, so we kindly ask you to leave them at home.

I filled out the online registration form and have paid at the web page? Do I have to do anything else?

Yes! Upon arrival to the university of Pécs, Hungary you will have to register to get your program booklet, name tag, pay for meals / accommodation, etc.

When is my registration valid?

Your registration is only valid if you have filled out the online registration form AND have paid, using the web shop at this page. To be entitled to a discount you have to send us the registration form by the deadline AND payment should also arrive to our account by the deadline.

I have submitted my application form by the deadline but have not paid by the deadline. Can I still get the discount?

No. To be entitled to a discount you have to send us the registration form AND pay by the deadline.

16-22 August, 2021

To participate, you must REGISTER and PAY!


See you soon!

August 17 - August 23, 2021








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