The Organizers


The main organiser of the Cross Cultural Communication Workshop is the EDGE 2000 Ltd.
The Hungarian Publisher Edge 2000 Ltd. publishes books on psychology, education, lifestyle, leadership and history of drugs. Our books and bookseries focus on the PERSON: the one exploring the inner and the outer world, the one who is sociable, lonely, hard-working,  rebellious, upset and cheerful; the scholar, the parent, the knowledge-thirsty child and  the mystic – the  HOMO SAPIENS.
The Publisher organised the first workshop in 2009 in Szeged with the title ’Creative Approaches To Cross Cultural Communication’ for the 25th anniversary of the event organised by Carl Rogers and his colleagues in the same place in 1984.
„The  encounter  in  1984  was  a  great  experience  for  almost  everyone.  The  person-centered approach was something different from what we had learnt at school or what we had experienced in our workplace. Is it possible to live, teach and work like this? The question “Can we tell what we really feel and think in front of so many people?” also vibrated in the air. (Don’t forget that it was years before the change of the regime:  self-censorship was so deeply conditioned in most of us that we were hardly aware of it.)
From this encounter 25 years later I am not expecting that I can relive the old experiences: I am a quarter of a century older, the political/social situation has changed, Carl Rogers, the “father” of the person-centered approach has not been with us for more than 20 years – you cannot step twice into the same river. But I hope some miracle will happen this time as well – we might not get what we want, but we will surely get what we really need the most here and now, if we do what depends on us,  and if we do not overlook what there is to be learnt” – Sándor Klein wrote before the Workshop in 2009.
The encounter in Szeged was a great success. The participants expressed their wish to have the opportunity for deep encounters again, to establish a tradition of such events in at least every two years.
In 2011 we organised the following workshop with great enthusiasm. We thought if  we succeeded, a new tradition would be born. And that is how it happened. In a new place, in Pécs, collaborating with the University of Pécs, another one-week-long person-centered workshop was held. After this we can say wholeheartedly: the need for a new encounter  is not a question any more. See you in 2013!